Can the VPS Really Replace the Dedicated Server?

No. And we never claimed it could. The virtual private server (VPS) can rescue you though when you no longer want to live with the limitations of the shared hosting. Now, a dedicated server will not only rescue you from the shared server, it will hand over a number of additional advantages. But the dedicated server is expensive. And it needs dedicated care. The VPS is perfect till the time you cannot go for the dedicated server.

Now, how does the VPS enhance the server experience for an organization? Well, VPS hosting allows you to be in control of the server. You can choose to configure your server(s) the way you like. If you take multiple virtual servers, you can install different operating systems on them and maintain a variety of applications on each.

There is no limitation on the number of websites you want to host if you go for many virtual servers. You no longer need to worry about the limitations of space and bandwidth.

VPS hosting secures you from the threats on other websites. This type of hosting employs measures to counter hackers and the like.

The most lucrative thing about VPS hosting is its cost. The VPS costs much less than the dedicated server and yet it does away with most of the problems you would face with the shared server. The VPS gives you a glimpse of performance you would experience if you go for a full-fledged dedicated server.

VPS hosting is accompanied by many additional services, which you can choose or drop at your convenience.

Have you experienced the VPS yet? Do share with us your experience.