How to Create a Virtual Machine in Cloudmin

There are many ways to create virtual machines and many virtualization tools you can use. KVM is one tool that is built into most Linux distributions. Cloudmin, an optional add-on for Virtualmin and Webmin, can provide a graphical interface for creating and managing virtual machines.

To create a virtual machine in Cloudmin, do the following:

1. Click “Create System” and then click “Create KVM instance”

2. Enter a hostname and short description

3. Select an OS image to install

4. Under “Root login mode” select “Using password” and type in a root password for the new VM

5. Check “Update Virtualmin packages” to make sure all of the latest packages are installed in Cloudmin

6. Select the host in KVM hosting system for this VM instance

7. Specify the amount of RAM and disk space to use.

8. Set the license (only if using Virtualmin Pro)

9. Click “Create System”

It is truly that easy to create a virtual machine in Virtualmin. For more information, view the Cloudmin documentation online.

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