Should You Go For Virtual Private Servers?

Yeah, you already know that dedicated hosting is way better than shared hosting. And you have all the reasons to move from the server that you share with hundreds of other websites. But, no, you cannot afford to invest in a dedicated server at this point of time. What do you do then? Do you live with the limitations of shared hosting and hope that someday you can enjoy the benefits of the dedicated server, or do you take some other action? Well, this is what we recommend: take an action! What? If you can’t get the real dedicated server, get a virtual one.

This virtual server is what you also know as the virtual private server (VPS). VPS is a great boon for all those like you who want to move away from shared hosting but cannot invest in a dedicated server, as yet. Wonder what a VPS really is? It is a logical partition of a physical server – the dedicated server – such that each partition serves as server dedicated to your needs. Each logical partition is a private server. Now, you can choose to use one or more of such Virtual Private Servers.

Like a dedicated server, a VPS also allows you to be in complete control. You can configure your virtual servers according to your needs and specifications. VPS hosting takes care of many of the limitations posed by shared hosting. We had covered the advantages of VPS hosting in one of our earlier posts.

Being extremely cost-effective as compare to dedicated hosting, VPS hosting is a great in-between solution for mid-size businesses looking at moving to dedicated servers in future.