Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Benefits

Many websites that were hosted on a shared server are going for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. A VPS is a smart way of partitioning on server into many and making them function as individual, dedicated servers.

VPS hosting has its advantages in comparison to conventional shared hosting. You can convert one physical server into multiple virtual servers and run different operating systems on them. Let’s look at the key benefits of VPS hosting.

  • It is possible to host a number of websites and dedicate a virtual server to each, thereby making sure that a website does not have to share its resources with others.
  • You can configure the virtual servers according to your own specifications.
  • You have full control over all the servers, managing them the way you like.
  • You can dedicate some virtual servers to specific applications such as e-mails and FTP or keep them for back-ups etc.
  • Setting up the virtual servers is easy and can be done very fast.
  • It is easy to modify and upgrade the virtual servers.
  • Since the servers are virtual in nature with centralized hardware, they help save power.

Virtual Private Servers are also called Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). However, the two have some notable differences. In one of our earlier posts, we had discussed the differences.

Though better than shared hosting, VPS hosting is not as good as dedicated server hosting. However, it is definitely more cost-effective than dedicated hosting.

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