Virtualization Tips for System Administrators

Virtualization has been one of the best technologies to develop in a long time for many organizations. Server deployment times are shorter, data centers are more energy efficient, and overall operational costs are down. In short virtualization is almost certainly something you should consider for your servers. What follows are some tips that should help you along the way.

  1. Use virtualization hardware – Not all hardware is adequately equipped to handle virtualization. In addition to the basic hardware virtualization CPU support, you should also make sure the RAM, storage space, and other variables are ideal for virtual machine expansion
  2. Create snapshots or templates – One of the benefits of virtualization is that you can create templates that will make it easy to spin up new virtual machines. You should take advantage of this feature and have templates for all the types of virtual machines you need
  3. Maintain the host system – Do not neglect to keep the host operating system patched, secured, and optimized, as all of the virtual machines will depend on it
  4. Choose wisely – Just because you can virtualize does not mean you need to virtualize every service. Some may benefit from it more than others. Weigh the pros and cons and choose to virtualize when it is actually beneficial.

Virtualization is cost effective, easy to set up, and makes provisioning and deploying servers fast and convenient. If you use it, you will save physical server space and be able to expand the technological capabilities of your servers without purchasing additional hardware.