What to Expect from a VPS Provider

Most web hosting companies offer some form of VPS service, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. A virtual private server can be almost anything that uses virtualization, so it is important to know what you are getting and if the services offered fit your needs. These are some great VPS features you may expect from a VPS provider:

  • Easy web-based management system – You do not want to have to rely on your web host to manually create VPS containers for you, nor do you want a difficult, unfriendly interface. A good control panel will save time and energy.
  • Expandability – The ability to create new instances on the fly allows you to expand or contract your VPS installations at any time.
  • Memory – Many VPS accounts are inexpensive because they do not provide much RAM and CPU power. If you know your website(s) will have a heavy amount of traffic, you need to make sure you have enough RAM and burstable RAM at your disposal.
  • OS Choice – Being stuck with only one OS option is no fun, especially if you are running multiple websites. One of your web applications may run better on FreeBSD rather than CentOS, or vice versa. Being able to install a variety of operating systems is one of the inherent advantages of virtualization.

VPS providers will all promise speed and uptime, but you will need to read the fine print to find the one that is truly the best for your sites.