When Is Enterprise-Level Virtualization Necessary?

Virtualization can save your organization a lot of money, so it is no surprise that it has become a popular tool for server deployment. What once required 4 dedicated servers may now only need one server running four virtual machines. While enterprise-level virtualization is inexpensive compared to actual hardware, it is still not free. To that end, many organizations may decide to go with open source options that are free of charge. When is this a good idea and when should you opt for the commercial virtualization package?

How Easy Is It?

While price is certainly important, another key reason to adopt virtualization is the ease of deployment and management. You then have to ask yourself how easy the solution you want to use actually is. For an organization with limited IT skills on site, a commercial solution with quality support may be better. You might even opt for a cloud solution. If, however, you are comfortable getting it up and running yourself and can maintain it, you may save a considerable amount of money.

Is It Really About Money?

If all you need is the functionality of enterprise-level virtualization, you should not assume that it has to cost you a lot of money. While companies like VMware offer many of the features you may want, you may also be able to achieve them with KVM and/or Xen, both of which are open source solutions but are still geared toward enterprise. Ultimately, you need to decide what you need, how you need it managed, and how much time and money you are willing to spend on it.