Why a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Makes Sense

Imagine living in a dormitory where everyone is scrambling for space, and you have to really struggle to get some extra space for your belongings. Now, imagine the dorm being partitioned into cubicles, one for each. And if you pay more, you can even have two or more cubicles for yourself. These partitions may not be the same ‘fun’ as before but this is what you wanted – a space of your own. And this is what you get with virtualization of servers. Let me illustrate.

The shared server is like the dorm. And logical partitioning of the server gives us the ‘cubicle’ or the virtual private server (VPS). Of course this cubicle of yours, this VPS makes sense. It allows you to be in control of the virtual servers you own. You get to configure them the way you like.

If you take multiple virtual servers, you can install different operating systems on them and run many different applications on them. You can host as many websites as you want with the space and bandwidth offered by these servers.

Since the virtual servers are isolated from one another, problem in one doesn’t affect the rest. Moreover, a threat to a website hosted on another server won’t affect yours. A VPS can even be used to trap potential threats. Often a VPS is also used as a sandbox.

VPS hosting may not be as good as the dedicated server hosting but it is definitely far better than shared hosting. If you can’t afford a room, get a cubicle!