Why the Virtual Server is Recommended

I have come across organizations who rule out virtual private server (VPS) or the virtual dedicated server (VDS) because they think it is an extension of shared hosting. While it is true that a virtual server is not a dedicated server, living with the limitations of shared hosting is not wise, especially when you realize that your needs point to getting a dedicated server. The problem with getting a dedicated server right away is that it is not cheap. Moreover, not everyone is ready to manage it.

A VPS or a VDS offer does away with most of the limitations of a shared server and offers you an experience similar to the dedicated server. And that too, at much less a cost. Let me take you through the benefits of the virtual server.

You have full control over all the servers, managing them the way you like. You get to configure the virtual servers according to your own specifications.

Also, you can host a number of websites and dedicate a virtual server to each, thereby making sure that a website does not have to share its resources with others.

The virtual server set-up is easy and fast, saving you a lot of precious time. In fact, the virtual server can be modified and upgraded easily.

With a number of virtual servers, you can use them for different applications exclusively. For example, you can dedicate some of them to e-mails, FTP, or back-ups.

Virtual servers also help save power as they have centralized hardware.

Virtual Private Servers