How to Build a Chroot Environment in CentOS3.

To save time, you can manually install the CentOS release package:
wget (or whichever version you are using)
rpm -i –root=/var/jail/chroot –nodeps centos-release-6-0.el6.centos.5.i686.rpm
4. Use YUM to install the rest of the CentOS distribution into your little virtual jail.
yum –installroot=/var/jail/chroot install -y rpm-build yum
5. Finally, when that process is finished (it will take some time), you can initiate chroot and try out the new system:
chroot /var/jail/chroot
If all goes well, you should have a relatively simple working chroot installation. Assuming you actually want to make the installation usable, you will need to add some other important file system necessities such as /proc and /dev. Follow the instructions in the above link for more help with this.
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